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(69+) Best Oppo Themes Collection of All Types: Download Now!

This time we will discuss some Oppo themes for all HP series. This collection of the best Oppo HP themes will certainly help you to make your screen look cooler. There are lots of themes that you can use for your favorite Oppo cellphone, point, let’s just take a peek at the best and cool Oppo themes collection. Cekidot!

You can easily choose the theme that we will present in this article because we have prepared a screenshot or image that represents the appearance of the theme. Each theme certainly has its own specifications and advantages. There are even some themes that are very light and don’t take up much memory. That way the cellphone doesn’t slow down.

Best Oppo Themes Collection

Even though the theme is light but I am still good quality and quite interesting. We can also customize the icons according to our tastes.

1. Similar theme to F1S

Want to make your Android phone look smoother and smarter? Please download the theme for Oppo F1s now, there will be lots of surprises waiting for you!

This Oppo F1s theme is packed with HD Oppo F1s Theme wallpapers and exquisite theme icons, specially designed for mobile theme fans. You can apply the Oppo F1s theme to enjoy more Wallpapers and Themes for FREE! Make your cellphone cooler!

Please download the Oppo F1s theme for free and make your Samsung, Huawei and your mobile brands more stylish, so you don’t get bored →


2. The Oppo Anime Hunter X Hunter Android theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Anime. If you like anime, there’s nothing wrong with trying this oppo theme. Because after all, Hunter X Hunter is indeed one of the best anime of all time.


3.The Oppo A37 theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection of All Types. Everything looks new. You can adjust the design according to your imagination with this Oppo A37 theme. This free theme is specially designed with dozens of unified icons, live, 3D and dynamic wallpapers which can make your appearance more beautiful and editable.

You like Oppo products, so this theme is worth trying. This theme can also be applied to other phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and so on (provided they are compatible). So your Android phone or tablet can look like the Oppo A37. Cool, right? ?

This theme is compatible for all types of mobile screens which are likely small, medium, large, X-large and also for landscape / portrait screens. So it is easier to use for every user who likes wallpapers and icons like the screenshot above. Come on


4. The Oppo Minions Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Minions Android

Who doesn’t know Minions? Almost all of us probably already understand their ridiculous behavior in the animated series “Despicable Me”.

Yes, if you like this character, you can try using this one theme first.


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5. Oppo F3 Plus theme

The Oppo F3 Plus theme not only carries a mainstream home screen decoration because it contains a wide collection of unique HD themes and wallpapers. Allows you to create and personalize a theme that is only yours! Works on all major launchers like Go Launcher, Aviate launcher, Nova launcher, Line Launcher etc. Cool bro!


6. iOS 10 V6 theme for Oppo – Elegant Fish

The Best Collection of Oppo Themes of All Types – iOS FISH, This theme really looks so elegant when used. There is an impression of exclusivity and charismatic itself.


Do you want the appearance of an Oppo cellphone to look like an iPhone? Try changing to the iOS theme for the following Oppo cellphones !

7.Oppo A3S theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection of All Types

This theme has real and beautiful oppo mobile custom HD Wallpapers and icons for Oppo A3 theme and launcher, So Install this theme NOW!

This theme will set a brand new look for your Smartphone, and will give an extraordinary stylish look to your mobile Screen.

If you want to change your normal phone to look like a new Oppo A3S theme and launcher then this is an excellent app for you to experience the feel of Oppo A3s.


8. Oppo Cofee Feelings theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection of All Types – Coffee

This is also a very unique theme to wear. Truly iconic and visually depicting users who are coffee lovers. Really cool anyway!


9. Oppo F9 theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection, You can customize as much as you like, the design and icons are really unique. Stylish too, awesome bye!


10. Oppo Transformers Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Transformers. The theme design is completely different from the others. Looks very modern, high tech and really cool anyway. Unfortunately the functionality of the icons is not very good. If I use it, I might get confused and complicated which menu to choose.


11. Oppo A37F theme from DevaProject Translucent

Best Oppo Themes Collection

12. Oppo H2S Android theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection – H2S Even though it looks a bit old-fashioned but it’s also good to use because it’s quite light and doesn’t look adventurous. Very simple to use!


13. Cute Oppo Keroppi Themes for All Devices

Cute Oppo Themes

14. Oppo OTCI Mello Android theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection of All Types – Marshmello Love the remix of Marshmellow’s song ? This Oppo Marshmellow theme is quite interesting to use. Modern and very young impression.


15. Batman Dark Night theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Batman Dark Night Love Batman and all the classic stories? It’s incomplete if you haven’t used this theme guys!


Oppo GO Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Go Android This theme is quite classic when viewed as a whole. The base color uses a brownish cream color. Suitable for those of you who like classic and natural designs. Describes the calm and warmth.


Real Madrid V2.0 Android theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Madrid Football Madridista? Try this oppo theme ‘Madrid Football Club’ on this one. Very unique with all the culture of this Spanish football club.


IOS 9 Oppo F1 theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – iOS Oppo F1 The design is quite clear, firm and simple. But it still looks like the default iOS theme.


Skystone V2 Oppo Android theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection of All Types – Skystone This theme is all purple. Look luxurious and elegant. It seems suitable for girls.


IOS 10 Oppo Neo 5 theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – iOS Oppo Neo 5 In my opinion, this one looks really similar to iOS. The icons also look very iconic, it really feels like using a real iPhone phone.


Remodative theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Remodif The Remodif theme carries a default purple background to give it an elegant and luxurious impression even though the default icons still look simple and standard.


Color OS Android theme

As the name implies, this theme carries a colorful concept so that the impression is quite cheerful and pleasing to the eye. The icons also appear larger so that it is easy for users to click, especially parents. At first glance this theme is very similar to the default Xiaomi theme, but it is still much softer and more elegant.


Color OS SKY V3.0 Android Theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Color OS SKY V3. This Color OS version is an advanced version of the previous Color OS. The design concept that is carried is all blue, depicting the sky in all its serenity. Really elegant!


Oppo Manchester United Android theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes for Manchester United. If you are a MU fan, then using the Manchester United theme seems very suitable. What’s more, the design really depicts the British club, from the icons to the default wallpapers.

Its all-round appearance also adds to the exclusivity of this theme. Apart from that, this theme is also light to use.


Doraemon Android theme

If you like Doraemon and his journey with Nobita in his TV series, try using this Oppo theme. This Doraemon theme really depicts the cute and adorable Doraemon character. Interested? Please download the cute Doraemon Hp Oppo theme.


Anonymous OSCBS Android theme

Wehehe, who likes to claim to be hecker? ? Yes, who knows if you use this theme. Or at least to imagine and wish they were fine too hehe


Samsung Galaxy S7 Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Samsung S7, If you want to use a Samsung S7 but an Oppo cellphone, try using this theme. If you use the default theme for other HP brands, it’s more exciting. Make calculations so you don’t get bored using that same theme.


Merry Christmas Android theme

If you like the Christmas sensation and knick-knacks, just try using the Oppo Christmas theme. Besides looking luxurious, this Oppo theme is also very suitable for women because it is quite cute when used as an interface.


Paper OS3 Android theme

This theme looks very simple. From the front design it looks like plain paper with icons that resemble drawings of hand scribbles. Quite unique too, if you say. So, what are you waiting for? Come on try this theme!


Mosque Android theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Mosque. This theme is quite religious because it uses elements from Arabic. So, maybe Muslims can use this theme.


Sunshine Android theme

This theme is actually very similar to the color OS that we mentioned earlier. The difference is that it looks simpler and softer, so it feels calmer and calmer.


Tine Coung Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Tine Coung This theme depicts a vampire ghost from China but is cute. It’s really suitable for use if you like Chinese things.


Android HOA theme

Yes, it looks like Tine Cuong though. The difference is in the design, while the characters are still the same. I think this design is better, what do you think?


My Life My Adventure Android theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – My life my adventure For those who are adventurous and like hunting tourist attractions, try this theme. Very suitable for adventurers like you!


Color New Style Android theme

This oppo theme is much more colorful than the Android color OS. Color New Style also looks more cheerful and cute but is suitable for both men and women because this kind of theme is more universal.


Full Metal Android theme

It looks simple and looks minimalist. But the icons are less attractive in my opinion. But if you like it, you can try


Love Android theme

So if this one theme is more suitable for girls. How come the guy uses a love-loving theme like this? Really not.


Dust Style Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Dust. This theme looks pretty cool and looks like a modern retro. The icons are round and quite blend into the default background. Yes, although you can also replace it with another wallpaper.


Android round theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Bulukan. Even though the appearance looks mediocre, it looks like this theme is very light when used. So you deserve to try it.


Bored with the appearance? Let’s try the cool Oppo A71 translucent WA theme !

Hello Kitty Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – Hello Kitty. If you are a girl, you will really like this kind of design. From the default design is very pinky with icons that resemble candy / candy. It’s quite unique too. Yes, no?


CM 12 Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – CM 12. It looks quite simple and looks like there are cultural elements from Indonesia behind it. Unfortunately the icons are round and quite small so they might be a little less symmetrical. Yes it is in my opinion.


IOS Android theme

If you haven’t finished buying an iPhone, you might be able to feel the sensation by using an iOS theme like this. At least by using this, you can feel a little sensation using an iPhone cellphone. Hopefully one day I can buy that iPhone too hehehe.


IOS Style Oppo Android theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – iOS Style Android. This theme is really cool. It looks simple, elegant but really ‘slang’. Try


Elegant Dreams Oppo Theme

The oppo theme design is quite cool, especially the icons. But not too sad either, maybe it will fit perfectly with idealistic people. Come on, try it!


Full Black Mirror 5 Android

FULL BLACK design. Suitable for boys. Very elegant and masculine. Sorry if not


Blue V2.1 Android theme

This theme is quite simple and very soft to the eye. It is very similar to Color OS and Sunshine Android although it looks a little bit dated. But, overall this theme is still quite okay for a standard look.


Android Flit Flat theme

This theme is quite cool because it looks like using icons and wallpapers that are like using vector images. So the impression is quite sharp and suitable for graphic design enthusiasts. Besides being simple, this Oppo theme also looks elegant and futuristic. Really nice!


Color iOS Flat Oppo theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Color iOS Flat Have a Vivo cellphone? Download the HP Vivo translucent application theme right now! If you are a simple person and don’t like to be adventurous, you can try this Oppo theme. The appearance is standard and minimalist.


MIUI 8 theme for Oppo

Best collection of Oppo Themes – MIUI 8. If you want to feel the sensation of Xiaomi products, just try using the MIUI 8 theme. It looks simple and very similar to the default Xiaomi MIUI 8, of course it looks very attractive and modern.


Android iPhone theme for Girls

Best collection of Oppo Themes – iPhone Girls

Similar to other iPhone theme designs, this theme is just as cool even though it looks more feminine. It’s really suitable for girls.


Vanilla N9 OS Android theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – N9 OS Android

The design that is carried is very, very soft and natural. The icon that is applied is also quite pleasing to the eye.


Barcelona theme

Best Oppo Themes Collection of All Types – Barcelona FC

Apart from MU and Madrid, there is also an oppo theme with the theme Barcelona FC. For Barca fans, try the sensation of this theme with you!


Android MOC theme

Best collection of Oppo Themes – MOC Android

In my opinion, this theme is like presenting European culture or an iconic logo from the campus. If you like the anti-mainstream Oppo theme design, this theme is perfect for use.


8 – 3 Android themes

Best collection of Oppo Themes – 8-3 Android

This theme is really very suitable for women. The design is so feminism, unique and cute. Very cool and pleasing to the eye.


Bong Bong theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes – Bong bong

This best Oppo theme carries a transparent icon resembling a balloon with a colorful Christmas default. Unfortunately the writing is a bit unclear if you want to use the text in the icon section.


Oppo Marshmellow theme 1

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Marshmellow 1

In addition to the previous Marshmellow theme, there are also others. Maybe it looks a little cooler and unique. Let’s try this best oppo theme now


Oppo Marshmellow 2 theme

Collection of the Best Oppo Themes of All Types – Marshmellow 2

It is also unique in appearance. Very typical music. I think it’s worth a try bro


Have a Xiaomi cellphone? Here, read the best collection of Xiaomi themes that you can try guys?

How are you guys? Really cool, right? This collection of oppo themes can be used for both men and women. Of course, the quality of the Oppo theme is one of the best. Although in fact there are advantages and disadvantages of each.

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